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Crime Coverage Insurance

Business crime coverage insurance protects your business from losses resulting from business-related crimes such as employee theft, robbery, forgery, extortion, embezzlement and computer fraud.

Upstate Agency agents will compare policies and options for your business from multiple insurance companies to provide customized coverage for the specific needs of your business. Whether your business crime coverage is written as a separate, standalone package or as part of your business insurance policy, you know your business is protected.

The following options are included in business crime coverage insurance:

Employee dishonesty coverage provides protection against the dishonest acts of your employees and covers loss of your money, merchandise and any other real or personal property.

Loss inside the premise coverage provides coverage for money and securities due to loss by destruction, disappearance, wrongful extraction or robbery.

Loss outside the premise coverage provides coverage for your money and securities from destruction, disappearance or wrongful extraction while conveyed by a messenger, armored car company or while in the home of a messenger.

Depositors forgery coverage provides coverage for loss should someone, in an attempt to defraud you, alter the amount, name of payee or endorsement on a check, draft, or similar instrument issued by you.

Funds transfer coverage provides coverage for direct loss of money and securities contained in your transfer account caused by fund transfer fraud.

Computer crime coverage provides coverage for direct loss of, or direct loss from damage to, money, securities and other property caused by computer fraud, as well as restoration expenses, or replacement of damaged or destroyed computer programs, electronic data caused by computer violation. 

Contact our Upstate Agency agents today to find out how you can protect your business with a crime coverage insurance policy. 



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