Bundling Insurance Policies

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Bundling Insurance Policies

When you purchase more than one type of insurance from a single carrier, a bundling discount may be applied that reduces your premiums and saves you money. Discounts on bundled insurance policies typically range from 10 to 15 percent.

While the most commonly bundled policies are auto and homeowner insurance, you can often bundle other types of property/casualty insurances, too. You may be able to bundle insurance policies for items such as: motorcycles, boats, wave runners, dirt bikes and umbrella liability coverage. In addition, if you have multiple drivers in your home with their own cars, you may qualify for a multi-policy discount or a multi-car discount.  Your Upstate agent can help you find the insurance company that offers affordable bundled policies.

There are many advantages to bundling including;

  • Convenience – it reduces the amount of paperwork and simplifies policy management.  You only have to contact one insurance company when you need to make a claim relating to your auto or home, and there is only one renewal date to remember.
  • Security – if your driving record takes a turn for the worse or you have made a high number of auto insurance claims, having all your policies under one roof may protect you from being dropped by your insurance company.
  • Confidence – when insurers have access to all your policy information, the insurance adviser can identify coverage gaps and can readily make the necessary coverage recommendations. 

Our Upstate Agency agents can compare prices and bundling options from many different insurance companies, finding you competitive offers and the right insurance policies for your needs.  Contact an Upstate agent today to learn how you can bundle and save.