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COVID-19: Resource Center

Updated July 13, 2020

Keeping You Covered, on Your Terms 

As the impact of COVID-19 is felt in our communities, please know that we are your partner. The safety of our customers, employees and communities remains our priority, along with helping you through this challenging time.

Many of our insurance carriers are working with customers to address financial hardship. We are here as your advocate and we can help you reach out. Please see more information on payment grace periods and other rights below.

So you don't have to leave your home, we want to remind you that you can pay your insurance bills online or by phone.

Stay in Touch

We want to provide you the latest updates that directly impact you now and in the months to come.

To keep you as up to date as possible, please make sure we have your current email address and cell phone number on file. Please call us (518) 792-5841 or email us at here4u@upstateagency.com to update your information.

Key Resources

To help answer your questions, here are some key resources.

Customer Communications

Here's where you can find our other communications: