Switching Insurance Companies

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Switching Insurance Companies

Switching insurance companies can seem scary, but our agents at Upstate Agency will walk you through the process to offer you a customized policy that fits your needs. Whether your current policy is up for renewal or not, a meeting with your Upstate Agency agent could save you money. 

To determine if your current policy is still right for you, our agents will walk you through the followings steps:

  • Review your current policy.  This will help our agent determine if your current policy meets your needs, or if your needs have changed.  Common considerations include; are you driving less? Have you added on to your home? Have you added new drivers to your insurance policy? All these factors will help your agent find the best policy for your current needs.
  • Explore other policies. Our Upstate agent will ensure you are receiving all the applicable discounts from your current carrier, and then look for alternative policies.  If a better policy rate is found, our agents can help you change your insurance carrier without having a gap in your coverage. A lapse in insurance coverage could lead to serious legal and financial challenges for you, especially if you are in an accident.
  • Handle the paperwork. An Upstate agent will handle all the paperwork, making sure your old policy is properly canceled and also filing paperwork with your new insurance carrier, ensuring there is no gap in coverage or overbilling.


Agents at Upstate Agency compare policies and options for you from multiple insurance companies to help you find the right insurance policy for your budget and your needs.  Contact an Upstate agent today to review your current policy and see if you should be switching insurance companies.